Objectives :

Application of computers plays a very important and significant role in most of the Engineering as well as Technical arena. Starting from Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Utilization of Electrical Engineering and Communication Engineering to different applications of the same, the use of computers, both online and offline has become very popular. In order to keep pace with the development of Computer Applications in Electrical and Electronics and Communication Engineering, Group Colleges of Techno India Group are going to organize an International Conference in bringing people engaged in teaching, research and industries together to learn from each other and enhance their knowledge level as well.

The impact of computers, particularly over last four decades, has changed practices in electrical and communication engineering beyond recognition even though the process is not yet complete. TECHNOCON’19 aims to provide platform for bringing together teachers, researchers, professionals, managers and policy makers not only to discuss recent advances in off-line and on-line computer application techniques including use of associated fields of optimization, modeling, simulation, expert systems, artificial intelligence, neural network etc., but also to discuss the absorption of these areas in academic curriculum and industrial practices and to deliberate on directions needed to be taken up for future course of R&D and training in this vital areas.

TECHNOCON’19 welcomes research and application oriented papers particularly relating to industry as well as papers highlighting applied problems for which appropriate solutions are being currently searched. Some of the themes identified for the conference are as under:

  • Digital Protection and SCADA
  • Control, Automation, Instrumentation and Robotics
  • Smart Grid Technologies and its applications
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing.
  • Flexible AC Transmission System.
  • Power System Restructuring and Deregulation.
  • Energy Audit
  • Electric Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
  • Renewable Energy Sources, Smart-grids Technologies & Applications
  • Energy: Policy, Security, Infrastructure, Growth and Economics
  • Power Electronics and Drives
  • Circuits and Systems
  • Semiconductors and Applications
  • Microelectronics and Electronics Technologies
  • Electronics and Photonics
  • Electromagnetic Waves and Field
  • Wireless Telecommunications and Networking
  • Remote Sensing and Data Interpretation
  • Signal, Image, Video & Multimedia Processing
  • ICT for Electrical and Electronics Applications
  • Computer Network & Information Security
  • High Performance Computing and Communication
  • Databases, Data Mining and Software Engineering
  • Information, Internet of Things and Internet Technologies