Conference Topics :

  • Track 1: Power and Energy [POWERCON]
    Digital Protection and SCADA, Smart Grid Technologies and its applications, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Flexible AC Transmission System, Power System Restructuring and Deregulation, Energy Audit, Electric Power Transmission and Distribution, Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology, Renewable Energy Sources, Smart-grids Technologies & Applications, Energy: Policy, Security, Infrastructure, Growth and Economics, Power Electronics and Drive
  • Track 2: Electronics and Communication [ELCOMMUNICON]
    Semiconductors and Applications, Microelectronics and Electronics Technologies, Electronics and Photonics, Electromagnetic Waves and Field, Wireless Telecommunications and Networking, Remote Sensing and Data Interpretation
  • Track 3: Control and Instrumentation
    Control, Automation, Instrumentation and Robotics, Digital Measurement, Sensors, Transducer, Fibre Optics
  • Track 4: Data Communication and Networking [COMPUCON]
    Signal, Image, Video & Multimedia Processing, ICT for Electrical and Electronics Applications, Computer Network & Information Security, High Performance Computing and Communication, Databases, Data Mining and Software Engineering, Information, Internet of Things and Internet Technologies,
  • Track 5: Role of Industry
    Coal and Mining industry in power and energy sector, Software application in Generation, Transmission, Distribution and manufacturing industry, IT service in Power, Energy and Communication field, Industry- Institute relation through Pedagogy and Curriculum development, Faculty development programme and student training.